How I Inspired Myself

I’ve let myself go. No, seriously. Once upon a time I could shoulder press over 100 pounds and was capable of doing over 150 wall balls and loved doing Crossfit WODs. I could run, lift, bench, push, press, and jump. Then a few crazy life events kept me from being motivated to work out. Then I got a uber stressful job, lots of long hours, and no ME time. I was working 50 or 60 hours a week, plus my husband was on a deployment, and I was raising three teenagers.

I’ve missed working out and the feeling I used to have when I accomplished something I never thought I could do.  So much so that when I see the Reebok Crossfit commercials on ESPN I almost cry.  I’ve known for months now I needed to get back to Crossfit and running and going to Zumba class for my sanity, happiness, and fulfillment. But, with a high school graduation, dealing with post-deployment reintegration, planning and executing a PPM (AKA DITY) move, working full time at aforementioned stressful job, getting a child ready for college (including a mid-summer trip to Ohio for orientation), a week at the beach for the 4th of July, and numerous going away parties (summer is change of command and high moving season after all) there was NO way I could establish any sort of routine with any kind of consistency.

I was looking forward to getting the move to Twenty-nine Palms done and things settled so I could set up a routine and get back to Crossfit.  However, I was finding it difficult to design a plan, make good choices in my diet, and get motivated.  Then, I stumbled across this picture of myself.  This was taken 14 months ago after I completed the World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run,  and holy hell – I looked good.  

Post mud run with my oldest daughter.

And just like that, I’ve re-inspired myself!  That woman looked good, felt great, and most importantly, was proud of herself.  I thought to myself, if I can get there once, I can be there again. It will take time, it will take a consistent effort; a conscious effort, but IT IS POSSIBLE. 

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