May IS Military Month

Could there be a more patriotic month than the merry, merry month of May? First, Military Spouse Appreication Day, VE Day, Armed Forces Day, and one of the most all-American of holidays Memorial Day.

While grills in backyards around the country are dusted off and fired up during this first month of consistently warm weather, it’s a lovely time to reflect on the sacrifices our country’s mostly volunteer military has made to protect our rights and freedoms which we hold dear, even if they’re also taken for granted.

It’s very wonderful when, as a military spouse, I get to witness gratitude expressed to my husband for his service.  I’m so proud of him, and the service he has given our country for the past 18 years. I’m also proud of myself for being strong and tough, yet sensitive and understanding over our many moves, deployments, and countless other military-only blips on the radar, not to mention your normal car battery dying, unexpected dental expenses, a week-long in-house flu epidemic, and so on…I think you get the idea.

I feel I wouldn’t be doing my duty as a military spouse if I didn’t revamp this blog a bit by posting more, and if I didn’t use this as a portal to introduce great ideas, programs, and websites that directly impact the quality of life of a service member, veteran, or their family.

In honor of yesterday being Armed Forces Day, which you can read more about here, and that we’re a week out from Memorial Day, I’d like to share some great info with you…

Camoconnect – Founded by a Marine girlfriend, whose boyfriend happens to serve with  my mister, and someone I know personally.  It is the place to find other military spouses, girlfriends, and fiancees to share stories, give and get advice.  Think social network for military; you create your own personal profile and meet new friends.  It’s an awesome support network that has been featured everywhere from CNN to Marine Times. Way to go Allee!

Blue Star Museums – In upcoming days, the Blue Star Museums program will once again kick off.  Museum entry will be free for military families, giving them access to science centers and art exhibits around the country.

National Park Service – The National Park Service offers a free annual pass to active duty military and their family members who possess an ID card.

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