Write Inform Educate

To Write, Inform, Educate…These are my passions.

These are the things I wish to do for my children, my local community and the world, and make a living at it too.

I find the possibilities of social media and blogging exciting because of  the ability to reach millions who would otherwise exist in ignorance. 

I believe each of us is responsible for educating ourselves on the things that matter to us, yet I find most people are too lazy to follow through…even with the ability to Google something by merely flexing their thumbs, if not their brains.

So, being able to tell those who didn’t even know they wanted or needed informing is an exhilarating prospect to me.  This is how I know that I have finally discovered my intended career. It will allow me to fulfill others and be fulfilled. 

I have so many amazing ideas for how to proceed they overwhelm me at times and excite me always. 

Some of the ones I’m pursuing –

  • Managing social media for some small businesses and military units,
  • Applying for every freelance blogger job I am evenly remotely qualified for, and even some I’m not.
  • Seeking internships
  • Becoming a contributor on Yahoo! Associated Content (about to submit my first two articles this weekend!) 
  1. What I’ve Learned About Social Media Management, SEO, Blogging, Writing and Getting Paid « Dreams, Passions, Goals

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