annie duke on celeb apprentice

so, the editors at CA have definitely manipulated the story line between the Rivers women and Annie Duke. Annie is manipulative, spiteful, mean, two faced. Well if she is those things, at least she is up front about it. Most people are this way and never have the courage to own it. They can’t admit it and face the fact that they too talk about friends behind their backs, they don’t believe they are the types of people who do that. More to follow on this subject of personalities and personal interactions.

I will say this at this point, I think at this point there is more to this than the ‘editing’ of Jim Cramer’s comments, Melissa’s view points, Annie’s supposedly apparent manipulation

  1. #1 by Debi Bifarella on 04/27/2009 - 6:14 AM

    Donald decided to get rid of Melissa when she ask him to let her finish what she was saying. That’s when the note was passed. Donald-you are a pig and I’m sure this show will be cancelled after this season.

    • #2 by flygemini on 04/27/2009 - 6:26 AM

      I agree, I’m surprised they even did an original Celebrity Apprentice considering I don’t think the original with “regular” folks was doing that well, and was even more surprised they did a second one.

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